CutRite Square Up Templates Set

Quilter's Paradise (015629)

CutRite Square Up Templates Set

Brand: Quilter's Paradise
Type: Tool
Sizes: Consists of 5 templates having sizes of 10-1/2", 8-1/2", 6-1/2", 4-1/2" and 2-1/2"

This set of square-up templates makes cutting fast, foolproof and cost-effective! There's no wasted time measuring or making a measuring mistake as each size is perfectly laser-cut. This template set is perfect for fussy cutting! Audition your fabric using the appropriate sized template and then use the next smaller size to make the perfect cut! The red color of the templates allows easy viewing where the cuts are to be made and, as a bonus, allows you to see the value (light, medium, dark) of fabrics! Plus, unlike clear acrylic templates, you won't easily lose or misplace these red templates.


Type: Notion