Drawstring Daypack Free Tutorial














We all know this style of bag has to be the most handy bag for any age. This size daypack IS the perfect size for children and adults. What is so nice about this pattern is that, the straps stay in place! The straps are stitched to the bag so there is no tying knots or uneven straps. This bag is quick and easy to make!

Cutting instructions: 

main fabric: cut two 13 1/2" x 14" 

Coordinating fabric: cut two 6" x 14" and two 2" x 34" - 38" 

interfacing: two 1" x 34" 

Using 1/4" seam allowance. Sew bottom coordinating 6" x 14" piece to main top 13 1/2" x 14" piece. 

Next, make casing on top of each panel by marking a fold line 3" from top then fold down top edge 1/4 inch. Press along fold line to make crease. 

Make backpack straps by ironing on fusible interfacing to center of 2" straps. Fold over edges 1/4", then fold in half. Top stitch along edges. 


Placement of straps: On each panel, place a strap 1/2" down from top. Fold long edge over 1/4" and stitch the strap in place. Make sure you secure it well by stitching back and forth several times. 


Make casement by folding top edge down to marked line. Topstitch close to top and bottom edges. Make sure you do not catch strap.

With rights sides together, starting below the casement, stitch down the sides with a 1/4" seam allowance. Stop 1/2" from bottom and back stitch. Turn bag right side out. 

Turn right side out and you are finished!

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