Introducing....Fashionable Fabrics!

Welcome to Fashionable Fabrics!

My name is Tonia and I would like to share with you a little bit about who we are.....

We are a small home-based business with big hopes and dreams for our little fabric boutique. My long time dream has been to own and run a fabric business. The dream finally became reality this past summer. After purchasing the site, we had a lot of work to do to get the site 'renovated' and up to date. My husband Dennis, worked extremely long nights on all the technical aspects of the site. He was able to make the site faster, with better images, optimized, organized, configured.... You name it, he did it! He is amazing with computers and I could not run this business without him! We make a great team.

Dennis is the brains behind the operation and I'm all about the beauty. It was fun redesigning the site and purchasing new fabrics. Perhaps, the most challenging aspect of running this business is choosing and limiting which fabrics to purchase. I love so many, it is hard to choose at times. I'm thankful for my patient reps.

Speaking of redesigning, take a look at my redesigned sewing studio!



My handy dandy dad transformed a bare single car garage into a beautiful sewing room! He is amazing with carpentry. My dad and I create very much in the same manner, the only difference is the medium. We both cut things and put them back together to make beautiful and functional items.

I'm so blessed by my incredible, supportive family. The website has also given me the blessing of meeting many new and wonderful people. I've enjoyed creating relationships with my sales reps, designers, manufactures, but most of all with the customers, YOU!

We want Fashionable Fabrics to be your favorite fabric site to visit. One of our goals is to keep our prices low so that you reap the benefits. We offer quick shipping with no extra shipping or handling charges. It is also our goal to offer a large selection of fabrics and patterns so that you are sure to find something you love. We are always open to requests and suggestions.

Thank you for visiting our site and blog and I look forward to serving your sewing needs.


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